How to Search for Adobe Stock Images

Adobe Stock has one of the most well-organized and highly functional stock media libraries in the market. Content in the stock site includes images, vectors, illustrations and the recently added videos. Searches offer a wide variety of assets that you can sort based on your preference. Over 50 million of high quality files are waiting to be discovered. You just have to enter that keyword and start with your search.


There are many ways to display your searches. You can sort Adobe Stock images by:

  • Popularity
    These include images that are popular to users to download. If you want to create a unique design to set you apart from other websites and your competitors, this may not be a good idea to sort images. If you really want to use this option, you can dig deeper into the page results for not commonly downloaded images.
  • Relevance
    Sorting images by relevance is the most popular option. Many stock sites use this feature to give stock photo buyers the images they need based on the keywords they used.
  • Most Recent Additions
    If you want fresh images, you should search for Adobe Stock images with this sorting option. All images recently added will be displayed on the page results when enter a keyword. These include images added in the library a day ago or a week ago.
  • Undiscovered
    A new feature unique to the stock site, you can search for Adobe Stock images with the Undiscovered sorting option. Contrary to popularity, these images have not been used by users. This is a great way to find unique images that tell your story or enhance your message.


Searching for Adobe Stock images has never been easier with this sorting options. You can find the perfect images for your creative projects easier and faster. You can also search the premium collection for images selected by editors and contributed by feature artists. Then, download them using the purchase option that meets your creative needs and budget.